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author: Peter David
name: Wayne
average rating: 3.00
book published:
rating: 2
read at: 2017/07/12
date added: 2017/07/12
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'Artful' is a graphic novel adaptation of the novel by Peter David. The adaptation is by Nicole D'Andria with art by Laura Neubert. It seems like an interesting story, but I wasn't that impressed with the art.

Combining characters from Oliver Twist and Dracula with real life characters like Spring Heel Jack, this is an adventure story starring the Artful Dodger. The story takes place after Oliver Twist and England is being taken over by vampires. Artful befriends a young woman. When she is taken by the vampires, he teams up with a relative of Abraham Van Helsing to find her.

There is a lot of action and the Artful Dodger comes across as a kindly but resourceful resident of the streets. There are cameos by other Oliver Twist characters and a few from other books.

The art just didn't impress me. The coloring feels dense and heavy, even in scenes that are in full daylight. The characters seemed skewed and the perspective feels off sometimes. The garish caricaturing of features works okay for the vampires, but on other characters it makes the characters expressions hard to make out.

This includes all 6 volumes of the series. I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Diamond Book Distributors and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.

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