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Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday
author: Carlos Sampayo
name: Wayne
average rating: 3.60
book published: 1989
rating: 4
read at: 2017/05/28
date added: 2017/05/28
shelves: graphic-novels
'Billie Holiday' by Carlos Sampayo and José Muñoz is a graphic novel about the famous jazz singer. She didn't have a picturesque life, and this book doesn't flinch from that.

The book begins with an essay by Francis Marmande, a writer and journalist for Le Monde. The graphic novel has a framing story of a journalist doing a story on the 30th anniversary of Billie's death. What follows is not a complete story of her life, and it's certainly not a happy one. Billie had her own problems with drugs and men, and those are presented in an unflinching way. She was also discriminated against and faced racism in spite of her tremendous fame.

The book is drawn in stark black and white. The figures come across as caricatures with garishly drawn features. The incidents here are ugly and don't serve to put Billie Holiday in the best light. She had a hard life, and this book doesn't make any excuses for that. I appreciated the approach this graphic novel took.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Papercutz, NBM Publishing, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.

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