Monday, April 3, 2017

What a Waste: Where Does Garbage Go?

What a Waste: Where Does Garbage Go?
author: Claire Eamer
name: Wayne
average rating: 4.00
book published:
rating: 4
read at: 2017/04/03
date added: 2017/04/03
shelves: children-s, non-fiction
'What a Waste: Where Does Garbage Go?' by Claire Eamer with illustrations by Bambi Edlund is a book for young readers about garbage and the problems it creates.

As long as humans have been around, there has been garbage. A history of garbage is given as well as the current problems, from large greasy clots in sewers to plastic islands. There is plenty of gross out science and lots of awareness of the problems we face. Along with the problem are innovative people who are finding solutions, like the person who started a restaurant making meals out of food that others had thrown out, or places where electronics can get repaired rather than tossed. There is also a further reading list and a good sized bibliography.

The art is fun, which might seem strange considering how serious the topic is, but I think that approach keeps the subject hopeful. I liked the history of garbage and the frank message of where we are. The book would make a good read for a young person who likes gross out science books, or wants to learn how they can change the world.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Annick Press Ltd. and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.

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