Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
author: Paco Roca
name: Wayne
average rating: 4.00
book published: 2004
rating: 5
read at: 2017/02/02
date added: 2017/02/02
shelves: graphic-novels
'The Lighthouse' by Paco Roca was such a good graphic novel. This is the kind of book to recommend to people who think comics are for kids.

Francisco is young man fighting for the Republican guard during the Spanish Civil War. He has decided he has had enough and he deserts. He is helped by a lonely lighthouse keeper. The older man lives off of the flotsam that the sea brings him. The old man is joyful, but the young is cynical. The old man sings songs and quotes Moby Dick. He tends to the lighthouse, even though there is no bulb in the light. Someday soon, he may get a replacement and he wants the lighthouse to be ready.

I really loved this story. It's a quieter story and the relationship between the young man and the old man evolves over the story. There are some interesting twists and turns along the way. The art is very good. I'm glad I got a chance to read this.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Papercutz, NBM Publishing, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.

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