Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Strawberry Shortcake Volume 1: Return of the Purple Pieman

Strawberry Shortcake Volume 1: Return of the Purple Pieman
author: Georgia Ball
name: Wayne
average rating: 3.80
book published:
rating: 4
read at: 2016/10/19
date added: 2016/10/19
shelves: children-s, graphic-novels
'Strawberry Shortcake Volume 1: Return of the Purple Pieman' by Georgia Ball is a fun graphic novel for young readers. It's not what I normally would read, but I had a good time reading it.

Strawberry Shortcake owns a cute cafe and is the best baker around. When her cafe has an anniversary, her friends decide to throw her a party, but can they do it as good as Strawberry Shortcake can? And who is the mysterious person who gives her cafe a glowing review?

Next, the poor little Berrykins have lost the tractor that they like to ride on and Strawberry Shortcake's friends decide to enroll her in a baking contest in order to win a prize for the kids. The problem is the mysterious purple man in the contest.

It was a pretty cute story. Although my daughter was never a fan, I could see the appeal for young readers. The baking contest is a good parody of the ones on the food channels. The obsession with social media that the purple pieman has is pretty funny too. Good for young readers.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from IDW Publishing, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.

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