Sunday, July 6, 2014

Evil Dark (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation, #2)

Evil Dark (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation, #2)

'Evil Dark' works as a good cross between police procedural and urban fantasy. I found it to be a good story and I liked the characters I ran across while reading it.

Stan Markowski is a cop assigned to the supernatural unit in Scranton, Pennsylvania. When a series of corpses show up bearing strange symbols and they all turn out to be vampires. This is a problem because Stan's daughter might be next. Another problem is that one of Stan's consultant's is being hunted by witch hunters who want to burn her, and he's got a strange helper on the case who shows up at odd times and Stan really doesn't like.

I liked the setting and the way the world works. There was some decent humor and references to other horror films and novels. I'll definitely read more in the series.

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